Pituca e Serelepe


sério, nao estou sabendo lidar com esses dois

Running Up That Hill
Track and Field
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You don’t want to hurt me
But see how deep the bullet lies
Unaware that I’m tearing you asunder
There is thunder in our hearts, baby
So much hate for the ones we love?
Tell me, we both matter, don’t we?

Chico Buarque - Eu Te Amo

Se nós, nas travessuras das noites eternas

Já confundimos tanto as nossas pernas
Diz com que pernas eu devo seguir

Se entornaste a nossa sorte pelo chão
Se na bagunça do teu coração
Meu sangue errou de veia e se perdeu

Como, se na desordem do armário embutido
Meu paletó enlaça o teu vestido
E o meu sapato inda pisa no teu

Como, se nos amamos feito dois pagãos
Teus seios inda estão nas minhas mãos
Me explica com que cara eu vou sair

"Se não fosse amor eu já teria desistido de nós. Não haveria planos, nem vontades, nem ciúmes, nem coração magoado. Se não fosse amor, não haveria desejo, nem o medo da solidão. Se não fosse amor não haveria saudade, nem o meu pensamento o tempo todo em você." — Caio Fernando Abreu. (via a-bandonadaporvoce)


if u can’t imagine ur otp on a long road trip together with no set destination in mind with things happening like their car breaking down at one point or stopping at a store to argue over what snacks to buy and taking turns driving while the other rests and checking into a little inn or hotel on the way and pulling off to just chill and look at the sky together do u really ship it

Ablogwithaview’s Questions! 


My questions: 

  1. You get the opportunity to have your portrait taken by a famous artist from the past. Which artist would you chose? (sidenote: pleasepleaseplease don’t say Goya, we all know how that would turn out): Edward Hopper for sure. There is something melancholic but very beautiful about his art.
  2. Who would play you in a movie about your life? This is a difficult question because well, all I can think of is actresses that I admire such as Marjorie Estiano, Paula Barbosa or Tatiana Maslany… but then I wonder who realistically would be able to play me (I know they are GREAT, but I wonder if they would be the best choice) and then… who physically would be close to me. Maybe Marjorie would be able to play both my introspection, but also my passion and my bad temper. There is some duality that she showed in previous work that makes me think she would be able to handle it. Even if she is VERY sexy something as I am not. Or maybe Nathalia Dill or even Vanessa Giácomo.
  3. What’s your Hogwarts House? I’m a mix of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.
  4. What’s your favourite musical? Music wise I’m a sucker for Spring Awakening.
  5. (I’ve been reading Harry Potter, okay?) If you had the opportunity to become an Animagus, what kind of animal would you be? What? I never read Harry Potter (Ooops)
  6. What’s your current favourite song? Chico Buarque - Eu te Amo (BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT)
  7. Germany or Argentina? Germany. Don’t cry for me Argentina.
  8. What was your first OTP? Daphne and Fred from Scooby Doo. Mulder and Scully.
  9. Who is your favourite Doctor and why? I never got into Doctor Who. OOOPPSSS part deux.
  10. Copying this question from Olivia who copied it from Rose who copied it from Wil: Give your dream genderbent cast to your favourite movie (*or show!). (Obviously I mean only for the 4/5 main protagonists.): THIS IS TOO HARD AND MY MIND IS A BLANK AND I WILL PROBABLY REGRET THIS: The two leads of the last two ships I had: Lado a Lado - Marco Pigossi as Laura and Mariana Ximenes as Edgar; Meu Pedacinho de Chão -  Selton Melo as Gina and Ísis Valverde as Ferdinando. Maybe Benedict as the clones of Orphan Black?

favorite romantic relationships (2/?)
- uhura and spock (star trek: alternate original series)

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"I am an outsider: I can take my way: experiment with my own imagination in my own way. That is all."